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Joshua Gough
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My name is Joshua Gough. I am a software application developer / architect in Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in system analysis, design, and development from conceptualization to implementation and maintenance. In designing systems, I follow a few basic principles:

  • Systems should, above all, be understandable to the target user base.
  • Systems should be driven by a strong business model, which may allow the use of code generation techniques to speed development.
  • Systems implementations should be flexible to incorporate future improvements.
  • Systems should be implemented with small, decoupled, but highly cohesive components to allow for such improvements.
  • Systems architecture should be well-documented to be maintainable by developers.
  • Systems should feature automation interfaces and aggregation when possible to allow them to be used in creative ways.
  • Systems should build upon the expertise and experience of developers who have already done something similar.
I currently have three MCP certifications, for 70-315 (ASP.NET Web Applications), 70-316 (.NET Windows Applications), and 70-320 (XML Web Services and Components). These three make me MCAD, Microsoft Certified Application Developer.

I am pursuing my Microsoft Certified Professional Developer for .NET 2.0 : Enterprise Applications Developer certification right now.


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I have a variety of experience with different languages, toolkits, and APIs. I prefer to work with compiled object oriented languages like C# and Java because of type safety, abstraction, reusability, polymorphism, and debugging options. But, when it comes to scripting, I like JavaScript because of its prototype based object system and flexibility.

Throughout my site you'll find information about different technologies as well as see some things I'm working on, or ideas I have for future projects.


My resume: HTML Format | MS .DOC Format

Current Interests

I enjoy working with .NET technologies in teams committed to using an artifact-driven approach to modeling, analysis and design. I prefer to work with modeling techniques like UML, ERD, and Object Role Modeling (ORM) to capture and validate business requirements and data models that serve as input for forward engineering.

Currently, I am working for Abel Solutions, Inc in Alpharetta. We specialize in custom business applications and information worker technologies, like portals and Office solutions. Prior to that, I worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta for four years. Long-term, I would like to stay involved with public health systems or medical systems because of the tremendous good work that can be done to benefit communities locally and abroad. In general, I want to work with scientific information and research.

Portfolio Samples in HTML

To see samples of both my professional and personal programming experience, visit the Portfolio link.


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Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business Computer Information Systems Department 

Georgia State University College of Arts & Sciences


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